Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 4 - Jouney

Got about 7 hours last night, and was a little tired today. I pushed through and got up, drank my 24 oz of water and headed downstairs. I am still excited to know my FUTURE will be changing day by day. Each day brings a new love affair with life. I am finding myself not caught up in the trivial. I am focused on my family and all that God wants me to do each day. I find more time now while cooking dinners and breakfast to share moments with my daughter and wife. We have sat down for dinner every night this week. When I was younger my family didn't really do that. We came and went at different times and my brothers and sisters were much older than me. It is only now that I can see the value of spending that time together and praying together. It is a great opportunity to explain health and wellness to my 3 year old... who is going on 10. Lord, please help me!

So I went to the gym this morning and got on the Eliptical for 20 minutes making sure to check my heart rate every few minutes to ensure I wasn't over doing it. I WANT to BURN FAT! So I am trusting this method. Followed it up with some moderate weight training. Tuesday I did chest muscle excercises and biceps. Today I did back muscles and triceps. I spent some time in the sauna today to warm up. In case you aren't from Michigan... IT'S FREEZING HERE! Winter is coming too fast. The only good thing about it is... it brings me closer to seeing my SON!
:)OL. In case you don' t know what that means... I am SMILING OUT LOUD!

So far it is 9:30 and I have drank 72 oz of Water today. It is getting easier and easier. I FEEL GREAT! Getting ready for my morning snack.

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Fresh Mommy said...

It was a little harder for all of us to get up this morning, but good job, babe, for pushing through :) You're an awesome example.