Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 4 - EXTRAcise

Tonight I had a chance to enjoy some time with my daughter at her swim lessons. My wife and I finished up her 6 weeks. She is doing very well for 3 yrs old. I decided it would be a good chance to add my EXTRAcise in for the day. I got to swim a little while she did lessons then splash around with her. She loves the water.
Now home in my comfortable space with wife and friends. Got my daily email from Ultimate Body Makeover and tomorrow is my EMZONE day. I will be figuring out my true Fat Burning Zone. It will be a 30 minute exercise of testing how I feel when on the eliptical trainer (my cardio machine of choice). Should prove to be a great learning experience. I have gone to gyms for more than 15 years and excercised off and on for years. I have never researched my target heart rate zone before. I am very curious to see if the zone lines up with the machines at the gym. Learn something new everyday. Well after another exciting day I will spend some time with wife and get another 48 oz of water and onto bed ready for Day 5.


Briony said...

i am interested in hearing about what you learn about your fat burning zone. i always think, if i feel like i am going to die...than i am burning some major fat. hahaha i know this is not true by any means, i have lots to learn.