Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2 - Journey

I am Dreaming Big, Getting Smaller! This morning was great. I woke up after about 7 hours of sleep... thanks to a Melatonin Strip. They act really quickly and began affecting me within 10 minutes. I have taken sleep aids before, but this one is truly effective.
Upon waking, I drank my 16 oz of water waiting for me on the nightstand from previous night. Then, headed out to the gym for my weight training day. I am sticking to the plan. I started with some light lifting, focusing on chest and bicep muscles. I finished in about 20 minutes and got on the Eliptical for a 10 minute Fat Burning Zone jog. Hit the showers and home to family time at breakfast. By time I got home I had already drank another 24 oz water... 40 so far before breakfast. I made my family breakfast then attended to my first try at the Trimworks Shake. It was very easy and very filling. I have tried many shakes in my 18 year career of dieting and binging. LOL. This shake, suprisingly, had no chalky after bite. I really enjoyed it. I had been previously shaked out from years of different protien drinks. So I grudgingly gave this one a try. It was a great start. Following that up with a small apple and I was good to go. On the way it was time for my Energy Strip and I got to work feeling full of energy. Sitting here around 10am, and just finished another 24 oz of water, I'm on track and feeling good. (Have to go to restroom more frequently). Water is flushing the body. Ready for mid morning snack pretty soon. So far feeling great.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work, i have the hardest time trying to give my body the proper amount of water it needs daily, i like the idea of having the 16 oz bottle of water already in the mourning, how can you forget?

Briony said...

i got up early this morning and did my video and i'm tryin to do the water thing...but i have the hardest time remembering to drink. haha. its progress that i am drinking water at all :) baby steps

glad the shake wasn't horrid. i've had my fair share of chalk disguised as chocolate.

Fresh Mommy said...

The shake was good... though I'm not a coffee lover, I can imagine coffee lovers would like it because it tasted like a mocha drink to me :) Keep up the good work babe!