Monday, November 2, 2009

Night Time!

Day one is almost complete. Did well today. Been good a little detox going on mild headache for a couple hours. Did the gallon of water... think it helped a lot. Also using Enlyten Energy Strips today been enjoying the simplicity of the strip. I can tell it gives me a little boost. Great thing is NO FAT, NO CALORIES, NO SUGAR, ALL NATURAL. These strips are great replacement to taking all the pills and energy drinks I used to use.
Finally, I cut off carbs after 6pm. Excited to start again tomorrow. I see myself differently. Looking forward to using Melatonin Strip tonight to help me get rest I need.

Remember my motto... "Dream Big Get Small!"


Fresh Mommy said...

Night, night babe! xoxo

Briony said...

i need to try one of those sleep strips and an energy one the next day. hahah.

i have the hardest time falling asleep and an even harder time waking up.