Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 85 - WOW what a week!

Well I apologize to everyone for not writing more frequently. I got real busy with new baby and Awesome meetings at my Awesome church with Rev. Larry Huggins. No regrets. I promise I will be getting back to it soon. Today was a "Get back on Track Day" I should be farther along than I am. But as G.I. Joe has taught me. "KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE". I know I should be farther along in my diet and lifestyle change. I am not here to make excuses. I am here to rejuvenate my resolve to continue and NEVER give up. I still fully believe in the principles I share. I am back to square one on some and going through them myself. I need to re-introduce more live foods into my diet. I need to make sure I get my water. I need to make sure I am active. I have more challenges coming up. I am about to be a new father of a baby boy in few weeks. That presents more challenges. Life, if it were not full of challenges, would be BORING. So onto exciting days ahead. LOL. Anyway. Like Jesus said. I am a man like you and experience life just like everyone else. I am not by any means perfect. I make choices each day. Today I have made some really good ones for my body.

Lunch consisted of Amy's Organic Black Bean Soup with some Gluten free crackers and a side of green peas.

MM...MM.. Good. LOL.
The choice was made and I feel great.
To all those BIGGEST LOSERS at Faith City Church. Watch out. I am getting on track and gunning for the weigh in date next Sunday. Keep on trucking Faith City.


Fresh Mommy said...

We can do it together babe!! Proud of you! :)