Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aliyah and JAM!

I just took my daughter to and showed her all the hungry kids in Africa and explained how other kids don't have cupboards to get food like we do or mommy and daddy's to help them. I ask if she wanted to give some of her money in her piggy bank. She replied, "ya, I don't need it I am going to the circus! Just take it from my piggy bank."
By the way she was getting ready to go see the shrine circus. So was so, matter of fact. I love an innocent heart. I wish we could stay so innocent as we get older.

NOTE TO SELF: Learn this lesson of giving heart and purity from this 3 year old.


Anonymous said...

the more we can stay innocent like our little children, the easier it is for God to move in our lives,

Gerri said...