Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 76 - Journey

Haven't been on for a few. Been soul searching and seeking God for this year. My wife and I are committed to a healthier lifestyle which includes physical as well as spiritual. We are seeking things of meaning for our lives this year. Time with kids. New Baby on the way. Meaningful relationships. We are not settling for just surface "How you doing, Fine" friendships. We long for change this year. I am not abandoning my journey but making it more inclusive of other areas in my life. Stay with me and see what changes will take place in our family or join us and share your own changes.

One thing we are determined to accomplish is more giving. We want to be a blessing to others more this year. I have hooked up with a great organization that I want everyone to meet. Go to This weekend we are trying to raise more than a $1000.00 through networking by Monday evening. So please take a few moments and visit their website. If you are able make a small donation. Even $1.00 is not to small. Imagine if 1000 people gave just $1, we would reach our goal in no-time. has also agreed to donate 1 meal per shake that is sold. For more info watch a video at If you would like to purchase shakes as donation just go to and enter PROMO CODE: GETSMALL and get 10% off and bless children with 7 meals by purchasing one box of shakes.

No gift is too big or too small. It is also a great way to teach our kids about others who may be struggling in the world that are their age. I intend to show my 3 1/2 year old the website today and explain how we will help kids. Then I will ask her if she would like to give some of her piggy bank money to help kids get some food. I really think this will impact her greatly.
We can do it! With your help. Please let me know by commenting on this blog if you donate and how much. We would like to keep track of how much we raised and who donated. If you wish to get tax deduction contact me and I will let you know how.
Thanks everybody.


Gerri said...

We had a great time at your place the other night. I am glad our families are coming together. :)