Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 65-66 - Journey

Self awareness time: I have received counsel my task is at hand. What you might ask? Log what I put in my body for next 48 - 96 hours. I am trying to find out why I am not losing weight while gaining lean muscle. My inches have gone to a holding pattern. And the scale hasn't moved in weeks. All good though. My spirit is high. I am going to work at eating better. being healthy is 20% exercise and 80% food intake. It is more important to eat the right things than to rely on working out to fix my extra real estate. I will let you all know what I figure out.

Still staying the course. I am committing to all of you out there. I am not giving up. I have about 3- 4 weeks left in my 13 week body makeover. I am determined to see a difference. I will do this.

I am also committed to begin another 13 week cycle after this one.

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Karl said...

Don't say it enough, but I am very proud of you and the effort your putting in to everything you attempt, keep it up, blessings