Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 64 - Journey

Monday ... Back to normal. I know... I hate saying it like that but, sometimes I long for habits. My days off were awesome. I still felt myself longing for a return to my routine. Crazy. We are built and strive with habits. Good and Bad. I have changed a few things to develop some new habits. We can do this. One thing we all can do is start to make a good statement about yourself for the coming year. If you want to quit smoking... began each day by waking up and stating "I am a satisfied non-smoker, I don't like cigarettes." Or if you want to be a different size or weight... "I am a size (?) and I am healthy. I weigh (?lbs)." You have the power with your mouth to change your state of life. It won't happen overnight. But remember, nothing does. Start talking different. God designed us to speak and when we speak our minds meditate and think on what we say. Our minds then begin to create images based on our words. The more we IMAGE - ine ourselves as we speak, we soon discover we become what we IMAGINE. DREAM BIG. Reach for the sky. Begin speaking well and positive. Funny thing is, if we do this, we will be much more pleasant to be around.


Fresh Mommy said...

That is so good, and so true. What we say matters, it matters more than we think sometimes. Great reminder babe!! :)

Briony said...

good stuff...i will definitely make sure i am more aware of what i am speaking over myself.