Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 61-63 - Journey

Wow! New year is already 2 days old. This is my year though. I will be involved in some great things. I and some friends will be starting a 10 week biggest loser challenge. Trying to get support and support others while the irons are hot for the new year. I will hit the Gym Running (Literally) on Monday. Been off since Wednesday. Eating rather freely but tomorrow i will be back on track. Still haven't jumped off wagon just not as strict through Holidays. Exciting months ahead. I know God's plans for me are good and not evil. That is all inclusive with being Healthy spiritually as well as physically. I am determined to be a student of his Word (Bible) as well as student of this Body (Human body, specifically... my body). This is my year to conquer the bad habits and thrive on the goodness that life has to offer. We can do this.


Fresh Mommy said...

Can you believe how far into 2010 we are already... it's going so quickly already, and yet we've accomplished so much already. I'm proud of you, you've kept up well throughout the holidays, though it would've been easier to just give up and start over, for that, I'm proud of you! :)