Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 57-60 - Journey

As you may be able to tell, I haven't blogged day to day due to the Holiday hustle and bustle. But we only have a few days left before new year and then we will be back in the habit again. I plan on posting some recipes and more tips next year on staying fit and healthy. I have made it to the gym 3 days this week. Staying with my routine. I will have to miss a few workouts due to New year Holiday but I am planning on getting some exercise in other ways. As always just choose wisely every day and NEVER binge or throw in the towel just because you would like a dessert or some other food that may be over your limit for your program. I am just enjoying each day and some days end better than others but I still enjoy them. I am not Jumping off the WAGON just because it is Holiday. I choose to sneak a snack or two and then back to what I know to do. We can do this. Stick with it. Only a few more days and you will be so proud of pushing through. I know I plan on entering the new year without regrets. Moving Forward, not looking back. Onward.