Sunday, December 27, 2009

DAY 53 - 56 - Journey

Christmas has come and gone and with it some good tasting bad for me food. LOL. I did enjoy the freedom but I really felt the effects of the goodies quite quickly. No workouts Christmas eve or Christmas but back to the gym quickly on Saturday I went to avoid loosing my good habits. I started back on my lifestyle Body Makeover plan on Saturday. Today I am in full course again. I am preparing mentally for the upcoming week to hit it hard again. I am staying my course. Tonight I make some low fat stir fat, as we speak to feed my family. Then some glasses of water to finish the night and prepare my gym back for morning. This week I will begin doing 2 workouts in circuit training using 3 cycles instead of 1 or 2. I am confident this will help me continue my pursuit of losing inches and gaining muscle. Don't forget to keep up with cardio at least 5 times 30 minutes.
Next weigh in is Jan 4th. Then Official weigh in for my program in Day 71. I am going to hit it hard this week and really try to eat live foods and stay away from any sweets.
I am exciting about heading into 2010 on the road to health.