Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 51 and 52 - Journey

I had a full couple of days. I have really been pushing myself during my workouts with the thought I will not be working out for a couple days during Christmas. I am loving Christmas time this year with the snow. My daughter really really likes to play in it. So I got to get a good extra workout in yesterday after work. I was running and pulling Aliyah. I am pleasantly surprised that she likes it so much. Although a bit of extra work for me I am totally excited that she will be helping me stay fit. She is getting exercise also when pulling ME (attempting to).

Cannot believe I am heading into week 8 already. This is awesome. I haven't found a lifestyle plan that has been easy enough to follow and stick with until now. The Ultimate Body Makeover has been great. I look forward to posting my 13 week before and after pics for everyone.