Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 38 - Journey

At the airport right now. Delayed for 1 hour weather. Thanks Michigan. Praying it will move a little quicker. Did well this week so far on my plan. I have packed the necessary tools to continue while in the Sunny state. That's funny. It calls for rain almost the entire time I am there. Been really encouraged lately with a lot of people beginning to make changes. I love it. It helps me and everyone is striving for health. I found some "not so bad" frozen dinners I have used to help in my rushed lifestyle. Kashi makes them. Most, if not all, are under 10 grams of fat each. So I really enjoy that while at work for lunch or even tonight I NUKED one right before I left to airport. Not bad. Kashi is known for their "ALL NATURAL" approach. I will share a little of my L.A. Journey tomorrow. I arrive at around 4am Michigan time. Wooo Hooo!

But I am exstatic to see my wife and unborn child. This 5 day excursion has been said to be a "BABYMOON". I had never heard that before. But I will take it. One goal on this trip is to recreate this pic with my Babymoon Momma!
Santa Monica Anyone!


Blessedbymany said...

HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME... Can't wait to see the "recreated but much better photo";-] Kellie