Monday, December 7, 2009

DAY 37 - Journey

Dinner time was quite pleasant. Found a nice balanced meal, although frozen, very tasty. Amy's makes a really good lasagna (vegetarian). It was really good. It was a very good change of pace to my usually a balanced meal. Thought I would mention it just in case anyone was looking for an alternative meal.
Well, I only have a few days left til my next weigh in and measurement. I have been really trying to stick to my plan. I use a shake for breakfast almost everyday now. Great Trimworks Meal Replacement shakes. Love the flavors. My habits are really forming now.
As of tomorrow I will be blogging from L.A. Off to sunny weather for a few days. I will not miss the upcoming snow storms they are calling for Michigan. Great place for a little exercise and extracise walking on streets downtown L.A. I will try to blog about my diet plan while away from the regular menu. I will be taking my Trimworks shakes.

I will post some pics.


Fresh Mommy said...

Today is the day!! Can't wait to see you tonight. It'll be fun to continue the journey with you while we're together :)

Blessedbymany said...

You are such an inspiration... Keep up the good work and enjoy your time away with your wife:-} You both deserve this time away before Baby Blue arrives soon! This could be like a "babymoon"