Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 39 - Journey (L.A.)

I woke up after a few hours this morning. I was determined to make my program work while here in L.A. So far so good. I woke up and got a nice protein smoothie at local Robek's Store. Very Tasty! Then went shopping. For lunch I was able to find a nice chicken salad. Then off to my cardio/weight training session. I did cardio and weight training today in an effort to stay with my program. It was very good workout. I followed my workout up with a protein bar I had on hand. Then I took my wife to a beautful dinner where I enjoyed some chicken and lamb and some steak with green beans as well as rice on the side. I read this book recommended by my program coach for the Ultimate Body Makeover.
'The nswer is in your blood type" by Joseph Christiano. This book really opened my eyes to the true dangers and pitfalls of eating outside of a range of your specific blood type. It has caused me to really watch the types of food going inside my body. I will get into more detail as soon as I learn more myself.