Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 1 - Journey

Today I started my journey with a trip to the gym.
My goals:
#1 Exercise in Fat Burning Zone for 30 minutes
-Completed on Eliptical Machine 30 minutes. Heart Rate Average 125.
-Will Repeat 2 more times this week.

#2 Weigh in OFFICIALLY.
-Official Starting Weight 262 (Higher than anticipated) I did drink a lot of water at the gym though :) That MUST be why it is higher. LOL

It is very scary sometimes to even walk by the scale, let alone get on it. It is a marker. Only a marker of where the decisions I have made in my past have brought me. It is up to me to change my decisions and get a different result next week. Decisions will have to be made whether I like it or not.
Got motivated today when speaking to another friend at the gym. We are beginning similar paths and noted PORTION CONTROL as one of the main infringements on our weight/health control. So I am not alone in my battle with Extra Real Estate on my body. (I didn't think I was, but sometimes it feels that way.)

Portion Control is a really big deal in our Blessed country the USA. We have plenty of food around at all times. Just FOOD for thought. The average meal (one meal) at a fast food restaurant is usually double the recommended calorie intake for a DAY not a meal. The average meal at a restaurant is 2-3 times more than a recommended meal. (That doesn't include the MUST HAVE chips and salsa or SODA POP to wash it all down). Don't get me wrong I am definitely PREACHING to the choir on this one. All fingers are pointing right back at me.

Now I am off to eat my PROPERLY PORTIONED breakfast. LOL

P.s. Doing good so far on my HYDRATING. I am up to 40 oz of water so far. I woke up and drank 16oz went to the gym and consumed 24 more. On my way to a gallon.

I am excited about the decisions I am making to change.


Fresh Mommy said...

You really are on your way babe!! So proud, and thanks for the yummy breakfast :)