Friday, November 6, 2009

How does this work?

You may or may not be asking this question. Well, as you know, I am only in the first week. But here are some awesome supplements that I have found very useful. Now the Ultimate Goal of the Ultimate Body Makeover is not to lose weight or look better. It is to have a vibrant, alive, healthy, properly functioning body like God designed. It is also to gain the correct mindset of self and health. So your goal could be gaining weight, losing unwanted pounds, adding muscle, recovering from illness or disease. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the Ultimate Body Makeover. This program pushed me to do what I have been trying and longing to do for the last 5 years. Get healthier! So here is what came with the start up package I ordered. When I ordered this package the Ultimate Body Makeover was thrown in for free. The daily accountability and tools at given through this program are unparalleled. I am so confident this program will help me reach my ultimate goals.
Here is what is included with the initial order:

1 box of quick cleanse
4 boxes (28) meal replacement shakes
(19 grams protien, 3 g fat, 4 g carbs, + Aminogen Enzymes - Adding Aminogen significantly increases amino acid absorption and nitrogen retention from whey protein.)
1 pack -appetite suppressant (8 cassettes)
1 pack - calorie burners (8 cassettes)

All information available at

I posted this so everyone could look more closely at the products I personally ordered.
Hope you enjoy them. I know I am.