Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 5 - Journey

Lesson learned moment: DO NOT rinse with mouthwash BEFORE drinking the 16-24 oz of water right after waking. My mouth was stinging. It was SO hard to drink the whole bottle I had waiting. I did it though. I pushed through. So I left to the gym with a little extra spring in my step.

I figured my EMZONE this moring. My empowered fat burning zone. I chose my cardio machine and proceeded with 30 minutes of testing my heart rate every minute. Got is all from Ultimate Body Makeover. I need to exercise at heart rate between 115-125. That is where I felt like I was working pretty hard but not totally fatigued. Strange thing is I didn't sweat a ton. But a nice portion. (If there can be such a thing). LOL

EXTRAcise today came in form of moving some chairs for work. It was just a little extra effort but well worth it.

Looking forward to a nice dinner with my wife and unborn. My daughter is staying over at Grandparents home tonight. I will miss her but I love that she can spend time with others who love her.