Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 6 - Journey

Got some really good sleep last night and got up feeling refreshed and looking forward to my new life and living another day in. Better decisions. It's all about decisions. Do I drink a cup coffee? Do I have some M & M's? Do I eat eggs or drink a shake? Should I lay down and relax or go to the gym for some EXTRAcise? All are real life questions. Who I am is decided by each answer I choose. So today in my real life I battled with whether to hit the gym for a little more exercise or relax and chill at home and watch a movie. I made a choice. Each day I have decided to drink water every morning. I am feeling great with the decisions I have been making. My goal is to talk to you all each day to help me KEEP making better decisions. I start my 2nd week on Monday. Stay on track and then Day 11-14 I will be writing about my Daniel portion of the program. That is when I go on a Daniel Fast for a day and then juice and water for 2 days then back to Daniel fast for one more day. The goal to clean my insides. Then I will be ready for all my good choices to make the most when eating the right foods.
Tomorrow Day 7 will be day of official rest and family time. Excited to see my church family and friends.
Go Faithcity!


Fresh Mommy said...

You really are making great decisions... all the time! I can attest to that, and I'm proud of the man you are! Love you, babe :)