Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner Day 15

Tonight I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen experimenting with Blood Type Foods that would fit into my Ultimate Body Makeover. I decided on a White Chicken Chili with Northern Beans, Black Beans, and some Diced Tomatoes. Throw in some White Chicken Chili Seasoning and some chicken and WALLA, ready to serve. I stayed away from corn because it is not good for Blood Type O or really anyone for that matter. Corn is very hard to digest. It is really quite expendable. We put Northern Beans in because they are a very good food for Blood Type O.
I also prepared a Blood Type O rich soup. Some Chicken Broth, Northern Beans, Broccoli, a little Garlic, Green Onions, and Celery. Very tasty meal. After dinner had another 24-48 oz water and hit the sack feeling good. Ready to stay the course and make better choices.

Tomorrow going to get up and go to the gym and do some elevated cardio. I will bring bringing my heart rate up out of my Fat Burning Zone every so often in order to stretch my limits. On to my bed I go.

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