Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 16 - Journey

Today started out with a bang. I am waking up easier and finding that I have more motivation and energy to go to the gym and GET R DONE. I got my 30 minutes of Cardio in and back to the house for an turkey egg white omelet. VERY TASTY. I am feeling results.

Last night, like others prior, I was tempted to partake of some desserts at our weekly group meeting. It was there TAUNTING ME. LOL. No really it was there looking tasty and ready to eat. I had done well all day. I remembered what my Ultimate Body Email said. "I can do anything for 90 seconds." I thought just take it a step at a time. I didn't feel like I would be guilty if I decided to have some. But I have done so well thus far in training myself. I just kept saying "STICK TO THE PROGRAM" I want 100% out of this program. So I must give it my 100%. If I give it less I will get less back. So that is me. I am not saying I will never treat myself to a snack that has SOME SUGAR in it. But I am saying I can make better decisions. The Tipping Point for me was the fact that I didn't want to eat anything late at night. I like how I feel when I get up. I know it is because I have been avoiding Carbs after 6pm. Actually I have been avoiding everything after dinner at 6pm. I believe it has helped me reach my first goal of 20lbs. It happened in 2 weeks. 14 days. I feel totally pschyched.
I can do this.
And so can you. If you want support with your program in getting healthier. Please comment and we can support others here. Now go drink some water!

For Info On My Plan The Ulitmate Body Makeover click here.


Briony said...

so proud of you chris. you are doing awesome! i've definitely been drinking more water than ever and have been doin my 30min in the morning but i need to commit 100%. it is definitely encouraging to read about your journey.

Fresh Mommy said...

You've got me drinking the water!! Well, I'm still not doing as well as you... but I CAN do it too! :)