Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DAY 3 - Journey

I woke up this morning feeling light and excited to get on with another day. I grabbed my 24 oz shaker bottle already waiting for me on the night stand and emptied the 24 oz of water down my throat. AAAAH! I needed that! I am using PH balanced water, "Don't forget." I kissed my lovely wife, refilled my hydration device (water bottle) and headed out to the gym. Got my 30 minutes on Eliptical in and 5 minute cool down. Hit the Fat Burning Zone again. I am not trying to do high intensity cardio. Ultimate Body Makeover is walking me through step by step. My mission this week is to find some other activities that will help me get an extra 15-30 minutes of excercise.
I walked past the basketball court and 2 guys I know were playing basketball. I almost walked into the locker room when it occurred to me... "Opportunity for a little EXTRAcise maybe?" So I ask to join and WOW! I haven't played basketball in a long time. I used to be able to hold my own. Today wasn't very pretty. A lot of clanging on the rim and heavy breathing (unfortunately it was from me). I kept at it for about 15 minutes and ran to the hot tub because I felt sore. I know, you must be saying, "What a wimp." I don't know why, but I was sore. I agree it shouldn't be that easy to get fatigued. THAT'S WHY I AM DOING THIS! HELLO. Anyway, I got home and cooked a great Egg White Breakfast Burito.

3 egg whites (Scrambled)
1 tortilla
A little cheese
Small dab of Salsa (great way to liven up any meal)

My mental attitude towards myself and others is improving. I feel confident that I am making great changes.

And Remember...
Dream Big Get Small!


Briony said...

sounds like a very productive morning. unlike mine. haha i slept in, as you know, and i got a coffee on the way to work. sorry to say it doesn't go by the guidlines you told me. but i have been drinking water :) and i have had a good portion of fruit today.

seeing you making these changes, is a challenge and an encouragement!

thanks for sharing your journey :)