Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 29 - Journey

Well today was a great day. Had an awesom time at Faith City. Great message today in The Vow series on marriages. Always a good time with church family. Off to birthday party and then spent some awesome time with my Daughter. I love her so so so much. She has such a tender heart. She would come up to me repeatedly and just say "Daddy, I love you". I really enjoy my Daddy Daughter times. We got a little Extracise by going to the mall. She looks so grown up putting a bag over shoulder. So funny. We got home and ate some mac and cheese tonight, mostly her and I had ground sirloin and Broccoli. But it was a nice meal by the fire watching Diego and Max and Ruby. How FUN! LOL. She helped me clean the house for my wife's arrival tomorrow. She is such a helper. I enjoyed it because I got to get a little Extracise. Well tomorrow is my weigh in. I am anxious to see some results on the scale. Once again I have strayed a little from the formula here and there but I think everything is getting smaller so that is what matters. I would like to see another 10 lb loss to put me in the 30 lb weight loss category. 35 lbs will be halfway. But even if I stayed the same. 20lbs in one month is nothing to snear at. LOL. Can you picture me SNEARING? Funny thought... well. I will stay the course anyway. I know this is the toughest season. So if I can muscle through and lose some extra weight during this next month I can start 2010 in a great state of mental health and physical health. I know I will see the results during 2010 if I can stay the course. Like I said I feel so much better now I don't want to change anything. I am exciting that some others have contacting me concerning my journey. I know they will start theirs soon. The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago and the next best time is TODAY. Don't wait to begin. Start now to make better choices.


Fresh Mommy said...

You both are so good together. My grown up little girl and her daddy!! :) Can't wait to hear how your weigh-in goes, no matter what, I'm proud of your decisions.