Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 28 - Journey

I woke up before Aliyah today. About 9 hours. I know it is good for me. I will be sure to get more vegetables in my meals today. Yesterday lacked a little. I know how important it is to my body to have those LIVING FOOD NUTRIENTS. I will getting a little extracise today by going to the mall and walking a bit then working on my NEW BORN's (soon to be) room. Have to repaint the crib and changing table. Very excited about meeting my son. I know this will add a whole new adventure to my life. He, along with my daughter who is 3 going on 13, are some of the reasons I am making the choice to take this journey. I want them to have a healthy, vibrant, activity filled life. In this day and age is so difficult to get out and get active. I know that as the Father it begins with me. My choices will guide my family's choices. God designed men to be initiators. So I am initiating some Diet changes in our household. I am overjoyed to find very little resistance from anyone in the house. So I begin this morning with a daily prayer. Lord, give me the strength and wisdom to make good choices. Thank you Lord for my healthy body and strong immune system. My metabolism is fast to burn off the calories I eat. I know the plans you have for me today are good and not bad. Use me today to help others and lead my family in the right direction.

You can pray something like this today. Your word are CONTAINERS of power. God designed this way. Be CAREFUL what you say, you will end up living it one day.


Fresh Mommy said...

I love, love, love this post today, and I love, love, love you!! You are truly a wonderful leader in our home :)