Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 27 - Journey

Well, another day off and with each day comes it's individual challenges. Running around every day shopping, running errands, has its draw backs. We have been running all over and when you do that diets can be affected. I tried my best to plan ahead. I started us off with a great nutrient filled breakfast and then off we went. The biggest draw back, as with anything, is eating out. When eating out it is difficult to find the right balance. So I try my best to be moderate with anything. Mexican is always a hard one to fight. Usually you can find some great choices. It all comes down to choices. You and I both have the power to DECIDE what we will eat. Decisions make us who we are. That is why I started this journey. I needed to make BETTER decisions when eating. Today was not horrible. The biggest downfall I could see is my decision to eat too many tortilla chips. I know the calories and fat in those chips adds up very quickly. I did however chose only water to drink. Also chose a chicken meal with rice and black beans instead of re-fried. So although not my best choice with the chips I try to not compound the DIET infraction with Soda or more fatty beans. Don't get me wrong I am not feeling guilty. I am trying to learn from my experience. In no way or form will I allow one meal to dictate my commitment to changing my health. I am committed to my journey. To make up for the meal at lunch, knowing I had more than my 10 grams of fat, I am opting for a lighter dinner to keep my calories and fat for the day in check. I do not suggest making this a habit and so I will not be making it a habit for me either. I was very excited to be able to go the gym this evening. An opportunity for Aliyah to have a play date with a school friend came up. PRAISE GOD! I was able to work off some of that poor choice of chips. LOL. So I picked up Aliyah and came home for some Deli Turkey. Going to bed earlier than expected and excited about my 8-10 hours of sleep depending on how long my daughter will let me sleep in. Good Night all.

Tip: If you are struggling with eating something sweet or a dessert during these Holidays. Remember there is always tomorrow. Save that dessert, if you MUST eat it, for earlier in the day. Then your body has more time to burn it off instead of just storing it as fat in the evening.


Fresh Mommy said...

You're awesome babe!! You're doing it, each and every day, each step, you're making great choices and that's what it's all about!! Keep up that great work! :)