Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today was a great day. I spent my day with family and my lovely daughter. We woke up grabbed a quick breakfast and began our couch time watching the parade. Good thing I worked out twice yesterday. I got to play with baby dolls and all sorts of WONDERFUL TOYS. :) . We visited my sisters and I feel I did very well with all the food around. I DID have a few sugar cookies made by my niece Caleena. She did soo good I complimented her by having some more. LOL. Anyway... Turkey day was just that. Turkey and stuffing and broccoli. I did well though. I drank my water all day and didn't eat anything after 6pm. Although I could have had some lesser portions, overall I ended up on the winning side. I can go back strong tomorrow on my Ultimate Body Makeover without regret. Hope you all had a great day. Happy shopping tomorrow!


Fresh Mommy said...

GREAT job babe!! I'm sure you did wonderfully! I probably would've eaten much more had I been there :)