Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25 - Journey

Today was bitter sweet. I had to take my lovely wife to the airport. She will be away for 5 days. Although, I was blessed to spend some time with my lovely daughter. And she gave me a HUGE compliment today. I was holding her and she asked if my belly was smaller, she noticed a difference. I am so happy. I know I feel great. We spent the day playing at the mall and doing some Christmas shopping. Then we came home and she wanted to go play at my gym. I was excited to be able to squeeze in another workout. So, I doubled up today to cover my lost day on Thanksgiving. I am tired right now after putting her to bed.
I love SKYPE. I am talking on video with my wife. I can still see her. And I get to see the belly and talk to my son. :).
Did well today with my diet and exercise. Tomorrow will boast of Turkey and Football. I will try to stay active. I at dinner at 6:30 and nothing after that tonight and I will drink a shake in the morning after a light breakfast. I am going to stick to not eating late tomorrow either. I can't wait to see the scale on Monday. I feel so much lighter. My clothes are becoming loose and shirts are fitting loose on me. It's exciting because I am not doing anything special. Anyone can do the same. If you are thinking about it... stop thinking and start doing. I will help you. Comment if you like and I will help support you in your journey.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Gerri said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chris. Keep up the AWESOME work. Don't you love kids? They give it to you straight. :)

Fresh Mommy said...

It was bitter-sweet. Well, the sweet part for me was coming to warm weather, but it definitely doesn't outweigh the bitter part. I DID love talking to you and seeing you online though... love staying connected. I'm so proud of your smaller belly!! :)