Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 22 - Journey

Well yesterday wasn't horrible. I ate my Jets pizza and bread sticks. I drank water and even waited for 1/2 hour after to do so. So I stuck with some good habits even though I ate some not so healthy food. We did have a lot of fun and I got some extracise on the Wii. Although I lost 2 out of 3 boxing matches I felt good and didn't realize how much I could sweat playing video games. Donkey Kong or Super Mario never made me sweat. LOL. Eighties flash back sorry. So today I am sticking with my routine. I hit the gym and then did my weekly weight training. I decided this morning to have some oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. I prepared some hearty celery and broccoli to accompany my meals today and I am heading out for the most awesome job ever. I love going to work. I love being a part of something more than me. I work at Faith City Church. It is something I have wanted to do since I was 20 years old. I really get fullfillment and believe we are acheiving something God designed. Well, like Michael W Smith said, IN THE 80's, "I found my place in this world" and I am giving it my all. Kind of makes you want to sing that great tune doesn't it.
Hope it gets stuck in your head like it will mine today. If you haven't found your place in this world yet. Don't worry keep looking. Ask God for help he knows you better than you know yourself.


Fresh Mommy said...

I love the chance to work with you at something great together! You're doing awesome... in all things. Love you babe. xoxo