Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 21 - Journey (Sabbath)

Today is going to be a challenging day for my routine and healthy habits. We have a party to go to and the menu is JETS pizza. I personally really like JETS. Their pizza will make you speak in tongues and that is before you dip it in ranch dressing. LOL Well maybe not that good. Anyway... I plan on partaking in the menu. So in an effort to THWART (did you like that word?) this planned off diet adventure I am planning my prior meals with a little less everything. I know it isn't the best planned. But I am living life and sometimes we have to enjoy life. The key, to me anyway, is not to abandon it all over one or two meals that maybe aren't perfectly portioned. If I can plan ahead and plan my after meals I should be alright. So I am eating light my first meal and snack then I can endulge (Not too much) but endulge none the less. I am not feeling guilty about this and refuse to condemn myself. That would take the enjoyment out of it all. So I am committing myself to enjoy my meal then back to the planned meals that will continue to help me reach my health goals. I will let you know how this goes.

I wanted to be open and honest about this because I am human and I believe I am working 100% percent for most of the week. I know I will continue to reach my goals. I have decided this is for the long haul. And with Thanksgiving coming up I know I am going to stray a bit from my plan that meal too. Once again we can get through this AWESOME PLETHRA of food offerings with joy and contentment if we just plan our way to the day. Remember, plan your way to the day. So this week on I will continue to not eat late at night and really push through Monday - Wednesday and stick to my plan and exercise with all the vigor I can muster.

We can do this together. Stay the course. Just don't get extreme and don't give up.