Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 23 - Journey

I went to bed quite earlier last night. I got my 7 hours almost 8 of sleep. My workouts have left me feeling really good. I thank God for blogging everyday. You all make me accountable. I am enjoying this journey quite a bit. I hope some of you are encouraged to start your own journey.
Well this morning was HECTIC! We had so much to do and so little time. LOL. But it all worked out. I did manage to sneak my workout in first thing. I am focused on getting a minimum of 3 this week. Hopefully more depending on Aliyah (my Daughter). But I am excited about seeing my family. I have lost over 20lbs and haven't seen most of them since before my journey began. This week my focus will be on "getting UN - busy". I am going to really try and get to bed early enough to get my 8 hours sleep. With a longer weekend I believe I can do this. I know it will involve turning off my DVR. :) What would I do without it....AHH! Sorry. But if you look at your day you can find some extra time to get settled down earlier and get a little extra sleep. Try that this week. Try and make yourself get some rest. Don't abuse the days off and stay up extra late. If you are like me with a little one... she wakes up early regardless of when I went to bed. So I have to really push myself to go to SLEEP earlier. We can do this together. Don't forget... keep up the water habit. We should all be developing the 1/2 body weight in ounces of water each day. It really helps with hunger and keeping your system toxin free.

You can do it.


Fresh Mommy said...

I drank my water this morning and I'm really going to try and get ALL my hours of sleep that I need this weekend! :)