Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 18 - Journey

Man! The days are adding up quickly. It is exciting though when I think about it. Even if I am only loosing bits of a pound per day. They will add up. It is kind of like paying off a debt. Little by little I will snow ball my extra weight off my body. I know I have to stick to it. It is raining here today so I am really putting my attitude on alert. I need to stay positive on these days and keep my spirits high in order to continue training my body. I did get to the gym for some cardio and added a little basketball to get just a bit extra. Knowing that tonight I get to play when I get home. I ask my daughter what she wanted to do tonight when we get home. She responded "PLAY" I then responded like the average adult. Play What? She looked and me and said "JUST PLAY". LOL. I had to laugh. Life is so simple. We need to keep a simple mindset like this. Day to day. As long as she is hanging out with Daddy and Mommy anything will do. So I look forward to the afternoon filled with JUST PLAYING with my lovely daughter. Maybe some hot chocolate by the fire. I remember the good times in summer's past spending time at the park with my lovely daughter. Her smiles warm me to the core.
Tonight I will be back on track though. I am going to cook some good healthy lean stir fry and be sure not eat after 6pm. I really didn't like the way I felt last night when I ate later.
Stay the course with me. We can do this together! By Christmas we will feel and look much lighter.

TIP: Drinking plenty of water between meals and snacks will naturally suppress your appetite. Also it keeps me craving more LIVE foods.

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Please let me know if you decide to join me and take your own personal journey.

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Fresh Mommy said...

I'm excited to relax at home tonight and "Just Play" with you both! And I really am SO PROUD of you! :)