Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 17 - Journey

Woke up this morning and grabbed my water then went to the gym for my 30 minute cardio and weight training. I worked out my Latisimo's and my Triceps. (Back and Triceps) Nothing major. Just wanted to get some resistance training. Headed back home and real life sets in. I made a nice healthy breakfast then went up to my SON's room to start working on making IT ready for him. We hung wainscoating on the walls today. I must say it turned out really well. Running up and down the stairs and working for about 4 hours I got some good EXTRAcise in. We followed up our work with trip to the Imaging Doctor for a 28 week ultrasound. Happy to report all is well with our BABY BOY! They confirmed it once again that I am having a son. I am so happy. Having another child makes me want to get my health on track so I can lead them in a healthy lifestyle as well. I did although cap off the night with some running ALL OVER town and shopping with my wife. Unfortunately we got back and I had a late dinner. Topped with a slice of cake. I don't feel guilty but I do feel different. I can most definitely tell that I strayed from my normal healthy diet. My body is letting me know I can do without cake. LOL. So all is well I am settling down watching my wife decorate our annual festival of light on the tree. My house smells and looks like Santa threw up in here. I don't mind really, my daughter was having so much fun decorating with her. I was in charge of getting EXTRAcise by going up and down with stuff to and from the attic. Now I am going to study up on my blood type foods. I will let you all know when I find out more. Happy Holidays! (I am in a holiday mood). :)


Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh. It really did feel like a Holliday yesterday, I was having fun singing Christmas songs while decorating the tree. We'e got to get it in sometime, since we'll be gone the first half of December! :D