Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 14 - Journey (My Sabbath Day)

Today is my Sabbath Day. Meaning, this is a day when I set aside time to think about God and go to a place where I can worship with others like myself. I love Faith City Church. This is my house of worship. It isn't a building, although nice. It isn't a place so much as a unifying of people in one place. I can worship God any day of the week and do. I can worship any where and everywhere and I do. But something about the excitement of coming together and and lifting up one voice from many and the family we have. Faith City is my family. It is a place where I am accepted with all my baggage. I am considered valuable regardless of my failures and insecurities. I am so grateful to find a place like this that wants me to be a BETTER me. There is an expectancy to strive to tap into the fullness of your potential. I have been going for 12 years to the same place. I love being a part of something more than I can achieve on my own. I have been challenged, corrected, loved, offended, overjoyed, ecstatic, and employed. Like I said it is a family. All these things happen when you connect with others to live life. I am not sure why I am saying all this. But I have been reflecting and meditating on God and my life today. I love my family at home and at church. Without them I wouldn't and couldn't be who I am today. If you are a part of Faith City Church "Thank you" for being you and making Faith City an awesome place to plug my family in and worship.
I woke up meditating on the Jesus Christ. Jesus "The anointed". The anointing sounds like some ritualistic vibe or contrived feeling. Actually, it is "the rubbed on, smeared on, power of God". When I think that we are told to have the mind of Christ. I think about Christ meaning anointing. We are supposed to think in the mindset of being anointed. We (You and I) have the opportunity to walk in the rubbed on, smeared on, power of God. That is totally awesome. God wants to use us like Jesus. He even said we would do more than Jesus did. MORE than Jesus. WOW! People were healed in JESUS shadow. His shadow even had POWER. I want my shadow and presence to have POWER. So today I am thanking God and expecting that power He promised to be ALL OVER me. When I shake a hand or even walk by someone I believe I am carrying God's power with me. You can do it to. No matter where you go today. You have been created by God to BE the difference in this world. Whether at the gym, in church, at work, or even the grocery store. BE THE DIFFERENCE TODAY. Expected it.

You may say what does this have to do with your JOURNEY. Everything. Who I surround myself with and what I say about myself can be the catalyst of change in my body, soul, and spirit. That is what my Ultimate Body Makeover is all about. Sure i want to lose some Extra Real Estate I am holding on to. Today I continue to RENEW my mind that I am not on a DIET but I am changing my daily decisions to change my path in life forever. So it isn't about how many weeks. This is for life. It isn't intended for short term success but long term.
I am back today on my 5-6 meals. Today's menu is filled with delicious protein and WATER. LOL

I am making my family omelets. I will fix a 3 egg white and sliced turkey omelet for myself with a little bit of orange or grapefruit. That will do it. Nice healthy start for my SABBATH.