Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 13 - Journey (Last Day of Cleanse)

Today is my last day. I woke up feeling totally awesome. Excited first that I could eat something tangible. Also today with hesitancy I approached my black dress pants that had strained to button in the past. I knew I was a little smaller and was really hoping I would fit a bit more comfortably because I had to wear them all day today. As I legged up I reached for the button and EASILY the twain met. It wasn't a strain. It wasn't a challenge. I just button them together like they were made to fit me. That was an exciting moment in my Ultimate Body Makeover. It is such a boost to help me keep up the hard work and eating well. I am walking lighter and feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin. I am seeing myself for who I am. I am not a failure. I have just made bad choices in the past. I am determined to make better choices. That is so cool it is like God forgiven us of our past. He doesn't hold anything against us from previous choices. He wants to move on to the future helping us make better ones. We are usually our worst enemy and condemn and convince ourselves we don't deserve the second chances to make different choices. Jesus came to set us free from the rules that would tell us we don't deserve what we desire. Grace is so enveloping and all we have to do is make a choice in the right direction. God is waiting right there. You may not see God in a weight program or think it is a petty thing to involve in my prayers. But any struggle or lifestyle or habit will take help to change. I, for one, am not too proud to ask for God's help. Why try on my own power when my CREATOR of this body can lead me in the right direction of health and prosperity?

I won't give up the fight to be fit... No one said it would be easy, but that it would work if you stick to it.

Who is with me? Please comment and let me know if you would like me to pray for you if you want to share you story go ahead. You never know who your story will help through their struggle.

Nothing but Love!
On with my Fruit and Veggies for the Day. Don't forget WATER...WATER...WATER.