Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 12 - Journey (Cleansing)

Day 2 of the Juice. Feeling great so far. Anticipated a little more hunger than I am experiencing. The hardest part about not eating regular is that I am in office with others who order lunch. But it is all good. It is only 2 days. I am over half way through the cleanse now. I am looking forward to eating some great tasting living food tomorrow. I also miss the gym.(just a little) I feel good when I go.

I did want to mention... yesterday I took the time to use my blood type kit. After laying it all out it took about 3-5 minutes... felt like eternity for me to prick my finger. I have no idea why it was so difficult to pull the trigger with this tiny needle. I tried and stopped short numerous times. It was the craziest thing. I have stuck 6 inch needles in my leg when giving myself a shot. So this was nerve racking to understand. I did push through and it was nothing like my mind made it out. OF COURSE. I went through the test and found out that I am a blood type O positive. The really good thing is my wife is also O but negative. I GUESS OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT!. HUH? Anyway. We are now determined to cater our home and diet a little better with our blood types in mind. There are things we should both avoid and should have. The great thing is we are what they call, "CARNIVORE". So we utilized animal proteins very well. In moderation they supply much needed nutrients that our blood types flourish with.
So more to come on the Blood type. But I am excited to finish the course.
Tomorrow I feast on LIVE FOOD!