Monday, January 12, 2009

New Store Online... Easy

I have spent a few hours the last 2 days checking into putting old books online for sale and making my own little bookstore. It is pretty cool. With some checking and a little bit of research I think I am on the way. I have place some dvd's and books online now. In the first 24 hours I sold 13 books. I only listed 20+. That is crazy. I am still learning, but I can definitely see how if done right it could help offset some bills. The World Wide Web is something of a phenom. Literally millions of people each hour have the chance to hit my bookstore. I don't need them all to make it successful. A few here and there and BAM! Success. Thought I would share this experience. If you want to check it out go to Who Knows? You might find something you like there too. LOL.


Tabitha Blue said...

That's awesome babe!! Keep it up!


Tabitha Blue said...

It's going so well!!!! I'm proud of you!