Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Back to the Grind... :) ... In a good way.

Been gone for a while. Now I am back with a renewed passion to continue getting fit. This year my wife and I will began indoor rock climbing. This is a sport I once enjoyed to endure in my younger years. I am convinced, even though, now in my EARLY thirties I will be better at it than before. I am stronger, wiser, and can afford way cooler looking clothes. So, it has to be a better experience. This year is a planning year for us. Hopefully you will see a lot of cool photos to come of my life experience as a husband of 5 years and a father of 2 1/2 ... well 3 if you include the womb. This past holiday was a very good year end. I spent it with my lovely wife whom I love to spend time with. We were in Indianapolis. Nice road trip ending on each end with questions of Edward and Bella and "Jacob" ringing in my head. For crying out loud, someone smack Bella for me! My wife has got me hooked on twilight. Very interesting series, I will admit. Although it has me holding on to the thread of a lingering Bloodsucker and Dog fight. Vampire and Werewolf for those who haven't yet read the series. I am in Eclipse now. I sometimes cannot believe I am continuing to listen when there have only been 1 or 2 fight scenarios in the entirety of the 3 books. But on I go in my quest to hear a descriptive, gruesome battle between the 2 mythological beings. Well, I will continue with the great hope on the horizon in 3rd week of January Underworld 3 comes out and I will see a fight either way.


Tabitha Blue said...

Haha... keep listening.

I love spending time with you as well! It is always a fun trip with you there!


Gerri said...

Hey Chris,

Wow. I was having a breakfast meeting today with fellow readers and they could not stop raving about the Twilight Series. Ok, that settles it. I will start. :) Gerri