Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Due to the recent elections and the 2 YEARS... (ugh) of constant attention by everyone from radio to Tv to cable, I found myself pondering a question this morning. Answer this question. 
What party would you most liken Jesus Christ to and why? 
Republican (Conservative)
Democrat (Liberal)
or Moderate. 
Leave me a comment and site your reasons.  


antoinette marie said...

gosh, after government class i'm so excited to cover this topic again, lol! i would have to say republican because of the issues of abortion, prayer in schools and gay marriage. these are very straight foward topics in the Bible and most often supported by the conservatism of that party. just my opinion though. blessings...

Briony said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I don't have twitter...so I can't respond on your wall thingy, but that is awesome Chris. Keep pushing yourself, you are looking amazing! I've lost another 3 lbs so I am excited about that.