Monday, October 27, 2008

Small Groups Night!

It's already week 9 for our Faith City Growth Groups. It has been a great experience thus far. It is ending to soon. We only have a few more meetings. But I have loved meeting some new people and making some new friends. I know I have been encouraged and we have seen people get miracles and prayers answered through our group as well as other groups in other parts of town. We currently run 18 groups this semester. We have groups for all places of life. Some may find themselves in a season where they need some support in child rearing and others may need some other ladies to rally around and encourage them. Some people may be looking to further their knowledge of the bible or topics like finances or relationships. Some people may be wanting to get their children involved with other children of similar ages. We have a full range of available groups to meet you in your current season of life. I am looking forward to our upcoming semester in January. Though a little bit shorter, 10 weeks, the next semester has some great opportunities to offer those looking for variety as well as those who are wanting to grow in their relationship with God. I will post more info soon.


Tabitha Blue said...

I really has been an awesome few weeks... seems like it's gone by so fast. I've so enjoyed getting to know people better, that I might not otherwise have the chance. I know we've built lasting friendships!!

Karl said...

Great comment on groups... I can see that they are a benefit and blessing to those that avail themselves to groups I would like to use your note here in some way, with permision. Talk soon.

Briony said...

Hey chris...hope you had a awesome tuesday :) I don't really think you will do this but I am not a hard core blogger and I only know so many people on here...haha so if you want to play check out my blog or crystals for the rules, it's all in good fun :)