Thursday, October 2, 2008


Wednesday Oct 1 my family and I went to hear a good friend and a great example for God. Rev Larry Huggins. Even though it was a little ways away and we have a 2 year old that we want to make sure she gets rest we pressed on and went to the meeting. So glad we did. We had a great time. Through Rev. Larry's word from God I really found a great connection with God for myself that night. He spoke on the importance of God's presence to allow us to forget our past. Psalms speaks of drinking and its effect to cause you to "Forget about it". But we also read in Bible that we are not supposed to be drunk with wine in excess but drunk in the Holy Ghost. If you think about someone who is drunk... they are yielding or influenced by the substance they are taking part in. So just take that principle over to your connection with God. If we just yield to God and allow Him to influence our lives we can partake in drunken experiences just like the New Testament Disciples did. Remember they were all in the upper room waiting on God. Looking to God for direction. Yielding themselves to be influenced by God. And suddenly the Holy Spirit filled the room and they were all speaking in other languages. (Baptism of the Holy Spirit -Acts 1:8) Then people all around saw them and noticed their behavior and thought they were drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Someone heard them questioning and told them these are not drunk like you would think. They are drunk in the Holy Ghost. There is no need for this experience to seem mystical or freaky. Just as people give in to the influence and effects of alcohol and drugs, so why is it surprising if someone will yield to God and act different. I was so blessed with the great meeting and we have a tool to forget that will not leave us with regret. Just connect to God and yield.


Tabitha Blue said...

So glad we went to! It was a nice time to be refreshed and relaxed... leaving with peace in the midst of all that's going on. Love you! :)