Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day @ Home with Aliyah

I had the opportunity to be home all day with my precious daughter Aliyah.  We had so much fun.  Tabitha is out of town for a couple of days so we are catching up on some Daddy Daughter time.  I love it!  Anyway Daddy had some Honey Do's to DO! Aliyah loves to help. So we started early that morning by going to bank and searching 3 different stores for Aliyah's Goldfish(crackers) She was craving them and they give her energy to work with Daddy. LOL. Anyway we finally found them and got back to house and started hanging her own coat hooks on the wall.  We are finding that Aliyah loves to be involved and "Ayiah do it" or "Do it self" as she would say. So we are going to empower her and feed that desire to learn and be independent.  Anyway it worked great she stood against the wall and reached up as far as she could so I would know where to hang the hooks.  We finished and she hung up her backpack and vest. Next we moved on to a new computer desk/table.  Daddy got the drill out and she handed me the screws, Daddy put on the legs and she put on all the caps for the bottom of the legs.  We make a good team. She was so happy to help me. Then she was so excited to use the table she ran upstairs and got a small stool from her playroom and brought it down.  LOL we eventually made if upstairs to playroom (where I put the new table) Then she wanted to eat her lunch at new table.  LOL so we got her lunch and sat at new table together.   
She then took a 3 hour nap (Hallelujah) and we  got up and went to park.  It started raining so we ran for cover and she laughed and loved it the whole time. We ran under a big umbrella(pavillion) waited a little bit then ran to car. We were soaked but it was an adventurous day. I love my family. Great Daddy Daughter Day. 


Tabitha Blue said...

I LOVE that you are such a wonderful father. I certainly miss you both when I am gone, but I'm completely confident in you and your incredible paternal skills, yo! I am so blessed by you and enjoy each and every one of the great stories about Aliyah and her daddy. PS... all your to-do's look great!