Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Choosing to lose and win

Came to a point a few weeks back that I was going to have to make some choices and stick to them. Change was inevitable and I would rather make the choice then to be forced to make a choice.  I needed to change my lifestyle of eating. To be kind to myself and others. I am one of the many americans who possesses a little more real estate on my body than I should.  I have been one who struggled with weight issues off and on.  Through my 20's I think I was just so much more active that I didn't think much of the fight. As I approached and passed 3o I become more busy but less active.  Therefore, my body was beginning to lose muscle and I wasn't keeping up with what I was putting in.  My diet reflected that of someone without much time and my body was reflecting the lack of time I was investing in it.  The reality has always been - too much of anything is bad.  Moderation is key.  Well to keep it short, I started changing my eating habits and began to work out more frequently.  The facts are 1 pound weighs 3500 calories. So to lose pounds you must began to burn or subtract those calories.  Most people living in america take in excess calories everyday. A little here, a little there, and you guessed it you will add a little here (on your body) and a little there (on your body).  I started to make sure I was only getting so many calories/day .  3 weeks after doing this daily - I have lost 25 pounds. Praise God for the strength to continue.  I want to stay fit and healthy for my family. I want to enjoy them for a full lifetime. It is totally worth the sacrifice of a few calories per day. One tip for most who want to lose.  Start with one small step at a time.  If you are a pop/soda drinker begin to cut back or stop completely. This is a big calorie item that will shrink your daily intake.  If you drink diet, you might not be aware that it is almost equally as bad because of the sodium and water retention it causes.   Moderation will go a long way over time.  One other thing is fast food. Decrease your intake per week. Pack a lunch one day.  You will find that your budget seems to have more money as you began to cut out little things here and there.  I am still journeying to my goal. But I am very pleased with results thus far. 


Tabitha Blue said...

I'm so proud of you babe! You're looking great and I'm so glad you're feeling great. Your family will be here and glad you will be too for a long time.... all of us with healthy bodies!! I'm so proud of you.

Crystal said...

Chris thats awesome! 25 lbs, is alot. Your doing great. Keep it up!