Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bring me some hot water!

Thursday I got home from a fairly long day and trotted downstairs to the sound of something bubbling. I then noticed water on the floor in my basement running into the drain. I realize it is coming out of the top of our water heater. So I proceed to shut off the gas and water and call someone to check it out. The verdict comes in after about on hour. It is no longer good. Now one could say this might be an issue. My first thought is, I have to have hot water with a 2yr old in the home. (My precious daughter) So I go online and check out pricing at the usual, Lowes and Home Depot. There I find a range of pricing from 300-1200 dollars to replace this unit. I, being a compulsive internet searcher, begin to look around at all my options. We needed something fast and not very expensive. One of the most profound internet inventions in the past few years has always been a source when frugal minded become frugal mandated. Ebay and Craigslist. I have found so many things that I needed that were new or slightly used through these to avenues. Anyway my wife and I kept saying and believing that God had a way out of this. He was going to bring the money in somehow above our current weekly budget or open up an opportunity that was in our budget. A few hours later.... Still searching internet. I came across a person sellng a water heater the exact size and type I needed for only 50 bucks. Yes! Praise God my answer. I quickly email them and eagerly wait a response. About 15 minutes later I got my email. It said, "Someone is coming over to pick it up right now. Sorry, I will let you know if it falls through." So I guess that wasn't my answer. Oh well, God will work it out. I decide I will shop around at Lowes or Home Depot tomorrow and figure out what I need. A little while later I got on to check my email and saw another email from this person. He said the deal fell through and when do I want to come and get it. I quickly set up a time. The next day I went first thing in the morning. I saw the water heater was in better shape than my old one (obviously broke now) but new model year and better kept. The previous owner is a plumber. He sold it to me and I brought it home. I had a friend install it and we had it in place less than 24 hours than when we lost it. God is so cool to look out for us, even the little everyday cares of life. He is always there if we will look to Him or give him the option to help us. Thank God my wife and I didn't get totally discouraged and start talking bad and saying things we didn't mean. We have been learning this month about miracles at our awesome church Faith City. God is still working miracles today. It may not seem like much to you. But to me, it was everything to see God come through even with this minor detail. A lot can happen in 24 hours. Never lose focus or hope. HOT WATER ANYONE!


Tabitha Blue said...

Thanks so much for getting it taken care of baby!! You're my hero. Love you!! XOXO