Friday, June 6, 2008


I applaud acceptance! John Mayer says it all in a recent post to his blog about growing up in an age when Nerds were rising and social outcasting was on the decline.  I have to admit I also loved Goonies. I could relate to the CHUNK character...LOL.  But, acceptance has risen to new highs in my opinion.  As a life coach and someone who has hung out with teenagers for the last ten years, I have noticed a lot of changes in society.  With the invention of Sketchers and Old Navy, dressing the part has reached all economic levels.  Granted, yes, everyone is still striving for acceptance, but it seems that their are more levels and groups to run to today. In my day it was Skaters, Jocks, Burnouts, Nerds.  Dated, Huh.  But anyway, now you have everything from Coffee Lovers to Bloggers to gays and straight... drug users to straight edge and Fast food to Organic.  There is a place for everyone.  Society has invented a group for all to be a part of.  Yet, you still run into people who are hurting and unsure of their life.  I empathize. I to struggle at times.  It is in those times that we SHOULD be able to run to those closest to us and be lifted up and encouraged.  Not discouraged.  Acceptance has been an issue throughout all of time, and will most likely be until the end of time.  The root, as I see it, is finding true self assurance. That kind of assurance can only be obtained and maintained by our maker.  God must be in the equation in order to accept that you are accepted!