Friday, June 6, 2008

Learn Something New Everyday

One of my favorite magazines out there today is WIRED.  It always keeps up with the newest technology advancements and the graphics in the magazine are really cool.  This last months issue was delving into some of the mainstream issues that are out there today.  Global Warming, Organics, Carbon Offsets.  I was very interested to learn that in the lifetime of a tree it collects CO2 and emits O2 or collects carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  My wife and I were speaking about this very thing last week. I was saying that if that is true, then planting more and more trees would begin to offset the carbon we are putting into the atmosphere.  But to my surprise this week, I found out why my theory would not hold water. A tree only takes in carbon dioxide for approximately 55 years then it stops emitting oxygen and begins to emit carbon.  It was so astonishing to hear that...  It is actually better to cut down old trees and plant new.  Great news for loggers!  Just thought it was amazing.