Sunday, June 8, 2008


I recently watched a movie called Untraceable.  It was a freaky kind of story line.  Basically the movie was offering a look at the new technical age we currently live in... with new jobs formed because of internet crimes.  Abuse of all kinds raping society behind the closed curtains of their homes, never leaving the comfort of their lazy boys. Crazy to think that you don't even have to leave your house to commit a crime now a days. Anyway, back to the movie, the harsh reality was when they showed the millions of online users that are constantly browsing for the next level-pushing video.  The internet has given an avenue for people to cross behavior and moral norms of times past time and time again.  The weird thing is, as this movie tries to explain, we are all at fault.  Our culture thrives on tragedy and the next bad headline.  I think if everyone would really begin to take a deep long look at themselves more we would stop feeding this reality obsession with others.  I have too much stuff to work out in my life without messing with others.  That is what I want for me and my family, to concentrate on small moments and live my life to the fullest enjoying each day as a gift from God.  I hate to think that I may be contributing to the decline and demise of this great country and culture.  WARNING! The movie is a little disturbing at times be prepared to see disturbing images if you chose to watch it.