Friday, June 13, 2008

America is not the blame

In recent news people in churches have been blaming american society and the government even blame shifting to specific races.  I say forget all that.  The church has become irrelevant and powerless.  The church as a whole white, black, christians, protestants whomever claims to follow christ has lost its original purpose.  We have become so closed off to the world we can no longer see that IT (world) is what Christ wants us to go after.  The church needs to rise up and become influential once again.  Too many of our churches have closed their doors and stopped reaching out.  The battle still rages but we left the fight.  America needs the church's help.  It is time to stop the excuses and all the pandering to interpretation and begin to put our hands to the plow.  Jesus said it best, "Look, the fields are white. Pray for laborers." What is he saying? We are not lacking for people in need  of help. We are lacking the people who need TO help.  Do something through your church today.