Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's Cryin' Now?

I have been watchin' news lately and getting a little bit frustrated.  I have always thought of the presidency in this great United States of America as being the most powerful position in the world.  A man of great stature, strong, resiliant.  Today I have to say, "I am embarrassed".  All I hear now a days is it's not fair, a bunch of whining.  Remember on the playground or when playing games.  There seemed to be someone at one time or another that would yell, "it's not fair".  Do we really want a president to be someone, who when in the midst of battle, wants to cry and yell not fair. The battle for president shouldn't be easy. If you have the cojones to run for that office, more power to you. But don't expect to tag out when it gets tough.  Yes, weapons should be even for all fighting individuals but, I offer this. What if you were watching a boxing match and in 3rd round one guy decides to stop and yell at the crowd and say this isn't fair I am older than him.  Or this isn't fair I had a poor child life, my father didn't show me love.  It is a fight.  When the fight starts you either fight or get out.  Put up or shut up. I don't know about anyone else but i enjoy a good battle.   Since when was War, Battle, or Being a Man fair.  As men we all struggle to provide and survive.  Instincts tell us to fight. In a very feminine world I am ready for the men to rise up and take your place.  We need Strong Leaders to lead the way and walk the talk without yielding to popular opinion and yield to truth and conviction. I am starting to rant.  I have an easy solution.  From now on we hold elections just like Olympics.  Have a set up of games for a month long and at the end of the games let the people vote. Let us see our future leaders under pressure, working together with their proposed teams.  Then I can make an educated decision.  Hey, no fair- I can hear it now. LOL