Friday, June 13, 2008

What happened to MOM and DAD?

I saw a story last night or night before, about a young lady who tried to go to her High School prom and was turned away because her dress was deemed inappropriate.  By looking at the dress I would have to agree, it was less of a dress and more of beach attire.  Actually it looked a lot like dresses you would see woman wearing in the latest music video.  The young lady was asked what do your parents think of this dress and her response was my Grandmother saw it and said it was fine.  SCREECH!... Hold up your Grandmother!  What happened to MOM and DAD? This is far too common in our society today.  Grandma is raising children through and into her 70's an 80's while 40 and 50 year teenagers are selfishly running around causing more harm than good to society.  Now this young lady is old enough at 17 to make quality decisions.   But what is her example? The only thing kids learn is what the see day after day.  Most now a days see selfishness and hear hatred for others all day.  We have way to much entitlement going on.   I mean even our future leaders have been quoted as saying "If my daughter got pregnant, I would not punish her and make her have a child!" WOW! Talk about selfish.  I have always heard this growing up.  If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.  You still have a choice.  Every choice, good or bad, right or wrong, brings a result and consequence.  Which result do we want.  I feel for this young lady and others who grow up without any significant parental influence.  Go Granny for going the extra mile it can't be easy raising 2 sets if not 3 sets of kids.  Something has to change and I know as a parent it can start with me.